Monday, August 27, 2012

Arriving in Costa Rica

We officially arrived at our new home in Costa Rica almost a week ago (August 20). Life here has been very different than life at home in Mississippi. The kids wanted to share some of their thoughts with you about their first week here.

Cody - It was my first plane ride and I was very excited to get on the plane. We had to get up so early, though, and I was very tired. My favorite thing about the airplane ride was looking down from my seat and getting to see the clouds and ocean below. It was very pretty! Since we've been here, we've not yet had too many new foods, but the fruit we've had has been very good. I love the watermelon! Each day we've gone to new places and met new people. I've really enjoyed getting to do that. The one Costa Rican activity that I really want to do, however, is go zip-lining! Mama and Daddy said that we'll get to go on lots of "field trips" sponsored by the language school, and one of the things we'll get to do is zip-lining! I'm very excited about it.

Tori - I loved the plane ride because it felt like we were seeing a whole other world from our seats! As excited as I was to finally go to Costa Rica, I was also sad to leave our friends, family, and home behind. I also really liked that we got to have snacks on the plane. On the first flight, we all got a small package of cookies. On the second flight, I had some Coke and some "insignificant packages of peanuts" (I saw that on a movie and thought it was funny). Getting on the plane and buckling into my seat was very cool. I've look forward to my first flight for a long time, so it was great to be able to actually do it. I like "everything" about being here. Tayler and I have bunk beds in our room that are like ours at home. I really like our house because there's two stories--and we have a guest bedroom on the first floor for when people come to stay! I also like that it's very close to the school. We're only about a 5 minute's walk to school. I like that they have some American food here--especially my favorite, Taco Bell. We've already had pizza from Pizza Hut twice since we've been here! One of the neatest things we've seen were the real-life mannequins at the mall! Real people stand outside the mall stores on pedestals and pose just like mannequins! Sometimes you have to look real closely to even see them moving! On Wednesday, we went to the park and I made a new friend, named Emma. Her birthday is only a couple weeks after mine, and she's my same age! We had a good time playing at the park, and then afterward, I spent the afternoon at her house playing. Her mom even made us some macaroni and cheese for lunch (my favorite)! After several hours playing, her mom drove me back home. I hope to have lots more time to play with her soon. Like Cody, I'm really looking forward to going zip-lining, but I also can't wait for our first trip to the beach. Mom and Dad told us that there are two coasts with lots of beaches on either side of us, but both are about a 2-hour bus ride from where we live.

Clayton - The plane was fun, especially landing in Costa Rica! My favorite thing about the plane ride was getting to look out the window and seeing everything below. Cody sat by the window during our flight from Jackson to Atlanta, but I sat by the window on our flight here. Costa Rica is not quite how I expected it to be. I thought there would be more sunshine, but it really only is sunny in the mornings. In the afternoon, it rains. I also thought I would see the jungle, but we're in the middle of a city. It's been different having smaller bedrooms than back home (but with only a foot locker of toys, this is okay). My favorite thing about the house, though, is that there is plenty of room for us all to sit down together at the table to eat. My favorite things from last week were meeting new friends and going to the mall. My least favorite thing is not being able to understand people when they're talking to me. And because we don't have a car, we have to walk everywhere or take taxis (that part is fun. Especially when we all cram into one car). We've done a lot of walking this past week. I've really enjoyed the pineapple and watermelon, and the bananas are really tiny (but very good). We tried a strange-looking fruit that somewhat resembles a grape on the inside, but the texture is really weird. It's pretty good, though. The funniest fruit they have here is the King Kong Boogers! I still can't believe we're actually in Costa Rica!

Tayler - As soon as I stepped on that plane I knew I was waiting for this day ever since I was born. Now the first plane ride was a short one and the second was 2-hours long, or it least it felt like. The second the wheels touched the ground I could not believe I was in Costa Rica!!!!! It took 15, 20 minuets before we were out of the airport!!!!! The house is a nice size. I hate the walking; yesterday we went to a church and I walked in heels, Heels!!!!!!! Thank goodness they were my white, because my black heels are really heels so my feet would hurt!!! I am a little scared about that first day.
Because I won't know any body. The only "family members" we have are some people that
are going to Mexico City with us for OMS!!!!  We have enough Costa Rica/Chinese food to last us.
Family members, good friends you can visit us. All you need is: 
. Luggage
. Tourist visa
. Passport and whatever you think you need.
. Oh and money!!!
We will be waiting in Paradise!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Little Missionaries - The Beginning

If you've read our ministry blog, you know that we are raising funds to serve Jesus as missionaries in Mexico City. Besides myself (Jenny) and my husband, Troy, we have four children. This blog is for them. It will detail their experiences as little missionaries, for indeed missionaries they will be. As outgoing children who love Jesus, how could they be anything else? Do anything else but share the love of Jesus with the kids they meet? And so this will be a place where they can share their adventures with you. It will be a place where they can post their fun pictures. It will be a place where they can share their praises of missionary life with you. And it will be a place where they can share burdens and prayer requests with you.

We often tell people that when they support us, they are getting six missionaries for the price of two. Indeed. I hope you are looking forward to the kids' stories that demonstrate the truth of this statement. I know I am.